AppSumo Plus: The Ultimate Guide [2024 Edition]

AppSumo Plus


AppSumo Plus is an exclusive membership (priced at $99/Year) that facilitates 10% additional off on AppSumo purchases, extended access to AppSumo deals, and free access to SendFox and KingSumo Giveaway Pro.

Do you want to know what AppSumo Plus is? Hands down, you’re in the right place.

In this post, I have covered everything you must know before joining the AppSumo Plus program.  

At the end of this review, you will come to know about;

  • What AppSumo Plus is all about
  • Benefits of joining AppSumo Plus
  • AppSumo Plus pricing details
  • How to join AppSumo Plus and many more other things

So, without much ado, let’s get started! 

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What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is an exciting program from the Sumo family that makes it possible to Save 10% Extra on all AppSumo purchases so that you can continue to grow and scale your hustle.

Well, whether you know it or not, AppSumo is the largest marketplace for buying SaaS products at very cheaper prices. 

Most of the AppSumo Deals you would find here with lifetime offers. This means all you need to make a one-time payment and you’ll have access to that tool for your whole life, including future updates.

How cool is that? 

And… AppSumo Plus further allows you to get FLAT 10% OFF on all your future purchases on AppSumo.

But, that’s not all. It comes with a lot of other benefits as well. So, now let’s find out what’s included in the AppSumo Plus.

AppSumo Plus Benefits

Here are the complete details of exclusive Sumo-ling benefits you’ll get once you become a Plus member. 

#1. 10% off AppSumo Purchases

If you’re a fan of TLDs (Lifetime Deals) then there’s no better platform than AppSumo, right? 

And if you’re the one who very often buys business tools and software from AppSumo, then AppSumo Plus is an amazing bargain for you.

As you will be getting 10% off on each AppSumo purchase, so you will get your subscription fee back within your first few purchases.

So, it’s like saving even more on the already ridiculously low prices.

#2. Access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro

If you’re a digital marketer then you should have heard that money is on the list. And… to build your email list nothing works better than giveaways.

Yes, you don’t need to pay for ads or write guest posts to grow your email list. 

If you opt-in for AppSumo Plus, you will get exclusive access to KingSumo Giveaway Pro — A great platform by AppSumo to launch viral giveaways and generate leads for your business like never before.

AppSumo itself took advantage of KingSumo Giveaway Pro to grow to 1M+ subscribers!

#3. Exclusive Extended Access to Deals

If you have been purchasing AppSumo deals then you should be aware that most of the AppSumo deals go live for a limited period of time.

But being an AppSumo Plus member, you will be privileged with early access and late access. Furthermore, you will always be one step ahead as you will be informed about new deals as soon as new deals hit their store.

All in all, it’s a great value for money. Enough said by me, here is what digital entrepreneurs think about it.

#4. Access to Sendfox

If you thought that was all, I have a exciting surprise for you.

You’ll also get access to Sendfox License Tier 1 at no extra cost with your Plus membership. It is a leading email marketing tool (used by 20,000+ customers) designed specifically for content creators by AppSumo team.

AppSumo Plus Reviews by Sumo-lings

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, let’s have a quick look at what its users have to say about it.

appsumo plus reviews
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Now that you’re aware of what AppSumo Plus is all about and its benefits, now let’s check out the pricing of the AppSumo Plus program. 

AppSumo Plus Pricing

AppSumo Plus has a simple pricing plan — $99/Year (Cancel at any time).

Yes, you can join AppSumo plus for a complete one year just by paying $99 which you can expect to break even after a few purchases.

So, it’s a no-brainer for all the Sumo-lings who come back to buy their favorite AppSumo deals frequently.  

And… the best part about it is that you can cancel your membership at any time. 

Wondering how to join AppSumo Plus? Here we go…

How to Become an AppSumo Plus Member?

Here is a step-by-step guide to joining the AppSumo Plus membership program. 

Step 1: Click here to visit AppSumo Plus’s official page.

Step 2: Hit the “Join Now” button, you will be presented with your cart.

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Step 3: Click on the “Proceed to Checkout”. 

Step 4: Finally, review your order, fill out your credit card details, and make payment.

appsumo plus checkout
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After successful checkout, you will be eligible for 10% off AppSumo tools and all other benefits. It’s as simple as that. 

So, are you ready to join AppSumo Plus?


Here are some of the frequently asked questions on AppSumo Plus that might be spinning in your mind.

What is AppSumo Plus?

AppSumo Plus is a membership program by AppSumo priced at $99/Year. This allows 10% off your AppSumo purchases, exclusive invitations to AppSumo Plus digital events (early access, last call events, and first-look webinar), access to KingSumo Giveaways Pro and SendFox.

How would I get 10% off on AppSumo?

Once you have enrolled for the Plus membership, all your future purchases will automatically receive 10% off of the deal price of the product during the checkout process. You don’t need to apply a discount code.

What about the AppSumo Plus refund policy?

AppSumo Plus membership is billed annually and it’s not refundable after rewards have been used. This means you’re not eligible for partial refunds if you request a cancellation after you have purchased any deals using the membership discount.

That being said, you can cancel AppSumo plus membership anytime and you will not be charged the following year. 

What does ‘some restrictions apply’ mean for AppSumo Plus members?

It simply means that AppSumo Plus members will not get 10% discounts on non-digital products like conference tickets, books, and other items that AppSumo comes with occasionally.

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Final Thoughts on AppSumo Plus

That’s a wrap! 

I hope you’ve got all the information you were looking for AppSumo Plus.

For me, if you’re a regular buyer of products on AppSumo then you must grab the AppSumo Plus account, you would love the benefits it offers.  

Still got any questions, shoot’em up in the comments below.

See y’all next time.

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