Review 2024: Is It the Best Platform For Building LMS Apps? Review (2024)

Summary is hands down a user-friendly platform for creating your own branded apps to sell your knowledge online and generate more revenue. Because of its ease of use, powerful features & tools, reasonable pricing, and awesome support, over 10,000 creators have already opted for If you’re looking forward to launching your app, is the place to go!

Are you looking for an unbiased review of for 2024? You’re on the right page.

Gone are the days when one needed to write thousands of lines of code to build an LMS app. 

Nowadays, anyone who has even no coding skills can easily create LMS apps by taking advantage of platforms like is a revolutionary platform that you can use to launch your own app to create online courses and coaching that actually sells, without a single line of code. 

And in this review, I will be covering all the features of the Passion app that make creating branded apps easy and lets you deliver what you do best. 

Along with that, I will also be sharing how you can get started with the Passion app, its pricing, pros, cons, support, and much more so that you can decide whether is worth your money and time.  

Without much ado, let’s dive in. at a Glance

passion io homepage
  • Save is an online app builder that helps you create iOS and Android apps to sell your knowledge without writing a single line of code.

Daniel Harvey is the man behind this amazing platform who himself is a seven-figure entrepreneur.

One active subscription to allows you to create one app. However, there is no cap on the number of courses/products you can create. 

The Passion apps work great on the Web and are compatible with all devices including your TV, phone, tablet, etc.

Talking about its pricing, you can get access to this amazing platform at as low as $79/mo. 

How Does Work?

Getting started with is quite straightforward and can be done in 3 easy steps;

Step 1: Sign up risk-free with their 14-day free trial.

passion io signup banner
  • Save

Step 2: Choose a template or build from scratch.

passion io templates banner
  • Save

Step 3: Launch your app.

passion io app launch banner
  • Save

Want a platform demo? Check out the link below to see how you can create a mobile app to deliver the ultimate learning experience to your audience, quickly & easily with Passion. Review 2024 (Detailed Analysis)

passion io review
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The interface looks fantastic. 

They offer a very clean & minimal interface, thus all the tools are easily accessible and can be used within a few clicks.

This is what the Passion IO dashboard looks like;

passion dashboard
  • Save

The one thing I liked the most is that’s support material is available right inside the dashboard. 

passion io help tutorials
  • Save

This makes the app creation process a breeze even if you’re a beginner. 

App Creation

Creating your app in is super easy. Here’s how you can do that;

1. Enter your App Name

passion io app name
  • Save

Their built-in search engine will check if the name is available or not. The best thing is that you can change your app name at any time if you want.  

passion io app name availability
  • Save

2. Choose App Type

Next, you need to choose an appropriate template based on the app you’re going to create. For example “Audio App” for podcasts, audiobooks, etc. “Fitness App” for creating fitness-related courses.

passion io app type
  • Save

Alternatively, choose the Blank App option if you want to design it from scratch. 

Here, I have selected the Blank App template. 

passion io blank app
  • Save

On the next screen, you will have access to all their features, and you can start designing Discover and Course with the Live preview. 

passion products
  • Save

PassionApps lets you create your apps in two segments which are explained below;


The first part is called Discover where you can design your app’s Welcome screen and Sales Page.

For the welcome screen, you can upload a background image or video and add any number of testimonials quotes. 

passion io discover welcome screen
  • Save

For the sales page, you get access to plenty of widgets such as the product features list, pricing plan, multi-pricing FAQ, carousel list, etc. that are enough to design conversion-friendly sale pages. 

passion io discover sales page
  • Save


Here you can turn your knowledge into courses. 

To create a new course, all you have to do is hit the plus icon.

passion io courses
  • Save

Enter the course name, and course short description by covering the course’s core features, and add a featured image for your course.

passion io add courses
  • Save

Next, you will be presented with a variety of templates such as;

passion io templates
  • Save
  • One-level structure
  • Two-level structure 
  • Templates for niches like Sports, Health & Fitness, Travel, Food & Drink, Education, etc.
  • Weekly live Q&A

Select one template that fits best for your course curriculum. 

Next comes the course curriculum designing part. 

To add content to your course, click on the plus icon and then name your content, provide a relevant summary, enter duration (optional), and select content type. 

passion io add new content
  • Save

Here are some important points related to adding content to the app.

  • No cap on the number of lessons, you can add as many as you want. 
  • You can use drip content to unlock lessons as you wish.
  • You can set your content as free to help users review the content quality. At the same time, it will help you in lead generation. 

On the next screen, you can start building your lesson with the help of content creation widgets. 

passion io add new content lesson
  • Save


Alternatively, you can add a Sequence which is nothing but a set of multiple exercises which students can complete in a row.

There are two types of sequences you can create in; 

passion io sequence type
  • Save

1. Interactive exercise: This type of sequence is a perfect fit for business coaching and marketing-related courses.

passion io sequence interactive
  • Save

2. Timed interactive exercise: This type of sequence is best suitable for fitness or yoga courses.

passion io sequence timed interactive
  • Save

You can combine multiple exercises in a sequence that students can learn within the specified time frame. For example, you can create a 6-day workout routine and teach one exercise daily.

You may also go through Tiffany Wilkerson’s case study to explore how she earns $60k annual revenue by selling 6-week fitness challenges with just 50+ subscribers using

Setting up course pricing allows you to sell your courses based on subscription-based pricing or at a one-time fee.  So, select one option you would like to sell your courses with. 

passion io lesson pricing subscription
  • Save
passion io lesson pricing one time
  • Save

If you want to give access to community and tracking features to your subscribers, simply select them while setting pricing for your products. We will be covering both of these features in detail later.

Choose the course(s) you want to include in your pricing plan.  

passion io pricing plan products
  • Save

If you have multiple courses then you can offer them as a bundle at a subscription-based model that will result in monthly recurring revenue. Alternatively, you can sell each course for a one-time fee and in return let students get all future updates.

passion io one time payment
  • Save

Furthermore, you can offer free trials (7 days, 14 days, or even 30 days) to gain initial traction and establish trust for your brand. If your product is good, you will see these trials converting into paying customers.

passion io lesson pricing free trial
  • Save

If you want to give your product for free, that’s possible as well. Simply, set a one-time fee of 0.

passion io lesson pricing free plan
  • Save

Design and Customization

Theme Customization offers a couple of pre-built templates and color palettes that you can customize accordingly to match your brand.

passion io theme templates
  • Save

What you’re allowed to customize? 

passion io theme customization
  • Save
  • Primary and secondary colors 
  • Text Color
  • Buttons text color 
  • Caption color 
  • Divider color

Brand Assets 

To take your app customization one level ahead, you have the branding assets.

Here is what you can set from there:

passion io branding
  • Save
  • Brand logo that would be visible on the authentication screen, welcome screen, & loading screen.
  • Background image that would be visible on the discover page and loading state background.
  • Header image that would be visible for Sequences.


A community lets your students connect with you and each other which helps everyone to grow together.  

It brings interactivity and increases users’ engagement resulting in long-term relationships.

passion io community
  • Save

As an app creator, you can utilize this feature to: 

  • Assign group-based activities or challenges
  • Segment your users
  • Drive the conversation, and 
  • Answer FAQs

Creating a community is super easy. All you have to enable the community feature while creating a product and setting up the pricing for the same. 

Posts, members, and messages, everything can be managed with ease. Even the drag-and-drop facility is there to reorder your posts.  

The best part? Comments are not limited to just text only, you can embed images, videos, and emojis.

Customers who subscribe to your product will get access to the community tab on their screen. Furthermore, you can give exclusive access to communities as a paid offer or as an upsell.

Push Notifications (PassionMessaging)

Push Notifications or you can say PassionMessaging service allows you to nudge with your customers right within the app. 

passion io push notifications banner
  • Save

It will help you reach 100% of your audience at a single click and keep them engaged by pinging in their pockets. Thus you do not need to rely on any external messaging app to engage with your audience directly.

You can take advantage of this feature by sending notifications like this;

  • You’ve signed up but haven’t enrolled in a course.
  • You haven’t accessed the app for the last n number of days.
  • You who haven’t finished a lesson for n days. 

You can expect more use cases shortly to send push notifications like this;

  • When a new lesson goes live 
  • Progress of your customers
  • Task completion reminders
  • Special promotions
  • Event launch
  • Upselling
  • On-demand notifications, and many more

To create a push notification, simply click the ‘CREATE NEW’ button, and enter the Title and the notification text. You will be shown the live preview of the notification in the sidebar.

passion io push notifications
  • Save

Quick Note: You can only make use of this feature once your app is approved and published.  


Goal Tracking

This is another helpful feature that comes with. It helps your students to track how they are doing and further motivates them to do better to stay on top of their performance. 

passion io tracking
  • Save

For instance, I have created a writing exercise for students where they can learn content writing with the help of an AI writing assistant and track their activity.

As an app owner, you get to know about the users who checked in over a week, month, or year, and keep an eye on their performance. 

passion io users metrics stats
  • Save

Based on the stats, you can reward top performers via congratulations emails or even in your community to motivate other students. 

In return, you can ask them to share their experience in the form of testimonials that you can include on the welcome screen of your app as social proof that will help you build trust with all your students and get more paying customers.

All of this makes the Passion app more interactive. 


PassionMetrics yet another helpful tool gives access to two important metrics;

1. User metric: The first one is the User metric that shows;

passion io users metrics
  • Save
  • Total users, 
  • Subscribers (including free trials), 
  • Active users in the last 30 days, and 
  • Number of users who have completed in-app activities

Two useful filters are also there that lets you refine this data based on the subscription platform ( iOS, Android, etc) and pricing plans.

Moreover, you can download this data as a CSV file for better analysis. 

2. Payment metric: The second one is the Payment metric that shows;

passion io payments metrics
  • Save
  • Total revenue
  • Monthly recurring revenue 
  • Active subscriptions, and 
  • One-time payments 

Here also you can filter the data based on the subscription platform, pricing plans, and a time filter. 

Along with that, you will be displayed a payment list having all the important details about the purchases made.

Not only this but you can also integrate external tools such as Google Analytics with ease to analyze your PWA app.

passion io tracking external app
  • Save

Integrations supports useful integrations such as Stripe, Zapier, Typeform, Calendly, and many more. 

passion app integrations
  • Save

Built-in Stripe which is one of the most popular payment gateways. 

Zapier the #1 platform for automation further allows you to integrate with any platform you wish.

Calendly lets your customers book appointments with ease. 

With the help of Typeform, you can easily create surveys and collect feedback from your students.

Sales Channels allows you to publish your native app on Apple App Store and Google Play Store right from the dashboard. Furthermore, you can add your app to and set up your PWA app with a single click.

passion io sales channels
  • Save Support support is simply Amazing. Their team is always willing to help and make you work harder to succeed. 

Here’s what makes customer support awesome;

Onboarding Call

Anytime you subscribe to Passion’s plan, they will get onboarding calls scheduled for you for different stages to make the creator’s journey enjoyable. 

Help Center

All users get instant access to their help center where they’ve answers to almost every question they may have. 

passion io help center
  • Save

Email & Chat Support

Within the help center, the Chat Support facility and “Submit a request” feature are also there that you can take advantage of if you don’t find a solution in the help center articles. 

passion io chat support
  • Save

Expert Unleashed Challenge

Their PROVEN step-by-step training program teaches how to take your business from offline to online and get your first 1-100 clients, included for free in any subscription plan. 

passion io expert unleashed challenge
  • Save

Expert Freedom

This is their follow-up program to the Expert Unleashed Challenge where you will learn how to increase your client base and generate more revenue per year. This is complimentary with the Ultimate plan.

passion io expert freedom
  • Save

PassionFighter community

They also have a supportive community of over 9000 PassionFighters who will be more than happy to help you and provide insights. 

You can join the Passion community here.

Moreover, you can connect with PassionCoaches via a Zoom call, follow this link to book a call now. 

Overall, Passion’s support is pleasing. Even if you have personal technical challenges you will feel very comfortable using this platform and thus deserve five stars all the way. Pricing

Looking forward to knowing pricing? There are two standard plans that you subscribe to monthly or annually. Here are the complete details;

passion pricing monthly
  • Save

1. Pro Plan: The most popular plan is priced at $119/mo if you choose to pay monthly. 

What’s included in this plan?


  • Your own branded iOS and Android app
  • Payment processing with in-app & web purchases
  • Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, push notifications, integrations
  • Live Streaming


  • 100 Subscribers 
  • 100 Videos
  • 1000 Push Notifications/month


  • 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge to launch and start selling successfully
  • PassionFighter community
  • Email & chat support
  • Setup support via Video tutorials

Platform fee:

  • 0% with external checkouts or 3.9% with PassionPayments

2. Ultimate Plan: The best value-for-money plan is priced at $297/mo if you choose to pay monthly. 

What’s included in this plan?


  • Your own branded iOS and Android app
  • Payment processing with in-app & web purchases
  • Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, push notifications, integrations
  • Live Streaming
  • Custom branding
  • Community
  • Drip Content


  • Unlimited Subscribers 
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Push Notifications/month


  • 30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge to launch and start selling successfully
  • PassionFighter community
  • Email & chat support
  • Step-by-step “Expert Freedom” training to grow your business
  • Setup support via Call

Platform fee:

  • 0% with external checkouts or 3.9% with PassionPayments

To get a better idea of these two plans, do check out the table below.

Branded iOS and Android app
  • Save
  • Save
Payment processing with in-app & web purchases
  • Save
  • Save
Offline mode, progress tracking, gamification, push notifications, integrations
  • Save
  • Save
Live Streaming
  • Save
  • Save
Custom branding
  • Save
  • Save
  • Save
  • Save
Drip Content
  • Save
  • Save
Number of branded apps11
Usage100 Subscribers, 100 Videos, 1000 Push Notifications/moUnlimited Subscribers, Videos, Push Notifications
30-day Expert Unleashed Challenge
  • Save
  • Save
PassionFighter community
  • Save
  • Save
Email & chat support
  • Save
  • Save
Step-by-step “Expert Freedom” training
  • Save
  • Save
Setup supportVideo tutorialsSet-up-call
Payment processing fee3.9% with PassionPayments3.9% with PassionPayments

Quick Note: An exclusive plan, Passion Plus is also there where Passion’s team will build and manage your app for you.

Looking for some discounts?

Well, you can save $696 on your billing every year. All you need to switch to the annual billing option and you will see immediate discounts on your screen as shown in the picture below;

passion pricing annual
  • Save

Did you see that?

  • Pro plan cost comes down to $97 / mo (Save $264 / year)
  • Ultimate plan cost comes down to $239 / mo (Save $696 / year)

What about Black Friday Deal & Discounts?

During the Black Friday sale, they throw unbelievable discounts. 

You can get their Ultimate plan at the cost of the Pro plan cost.

Yes, you read it right. Ultimate plan pricing goes down to $97 per month ONLY. Plus, you will get a couple of free bonuses worth $12,990.

How about free trial?

Interestingly, also offers a 14-day Free Trial so that you can explore this platform risk-free. 

passion io trial check out
  • Save

Wondering about Lifetime Deal?

Unfortunately, they do not have any lifetime deals or plan to launch anytime soon as this goes against their business model. Pros

  • Simple drag & drop builder and smart templates to build your own branded app without a single line of code.
  • Built-in hassle-free publishing to Google Play Store and Apple Store.
  • Passion apps are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, and work great on all devices including TV, laptop, desktop, etc.
  • An intuitive interface with support articles that makes app creation a breeze. 
  • You’re allowed to create an unlimited number of courses/products under one app.
  • Community feature to create group-based automated challenges that lead to better user engagement.
  • Push notifications to keep your audiences motivated.
  • Drip content (unlock content on your terms) to encourage pro-active learning.
  • On-demand & live streaming to increase your products’ perceived value.
  • Offline sync (downloadable and fully protected content) so that your customers can watch your content 24/7 without network coverage. 
  • Unique sequence feature that fitness coaches can use to create multiple exercises and demonstrate the workout exercises for a week.
  • Unique goal tracking feature (super useful for fitness trainers) for users to track their progress that further motivates them to achieve more. 
  • The scheduling feature is also there that lets your customers book slots in your calendar directly from your app.
  • Ability to run install campaigns, build app sales funnels, create upsell journeys, and sell through global app stores without the need for any external tools.
  • Allows you to create audio-based content
  • Seamless orders & subscriptions
  • Easy payments & payout
  • Seamless integration with 3000+ services like Calendly (let users book appointments easily), Typeform (create surveys to collect users’ feedback), etc. 
  • Actionable data insights to make better decisions.
  • Easy integration with analysis tools like Google Analytics to get more data. 
  • Access’s proven step-by-step systems “The Expert Unleashed Challenge” and “The Expert Freedom Masterclass” to take your business to the next heights. Cons

  • With the Pro plan and Ultimate plan subscription, you can create only 1 branded app. However, you may subscribe to Passion PLUS which allows you to create 5 apps. 
  • Limited customization options for designing the welcome screen or sales pages as compared to the page builder like Elementor.
  • It lacks content types (assessments, discussion lessons, ADOBE captivate, articulate, storyline & HTML5, downloadable files, etc) that restrict you from making your courses interactive. 
  • For external checkouts, so you will have to bear a transaction fee of 3.9%. 
  • The pro plan offers limited usage per month.
  • Some of the important features like custom branding, drip functionality, and community features are available on only the ultimate plan that costs $297/mo.
  • The certificate feature is missing but you can take advantage of external apps to provide certificates to students.
  • Course compliance features are also missing like you cannot impose the lecture order or quiz completion.
  • The community feature is not feature-rich as compared to the other platforms like BuddyBoss.
  • Though they offer good customer service, it would be great to have a live chat feature to get questions answered immediately. Customer Ratings & Reviews

Let’s see what other customers think about on the major product review platform.

passion io trust pilot ratings
  • Save

As you can see above, on Trustpilot, has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating from over 600 users.

This shows that is a no-brainer for creating, selling, and growing online courses!

FAQs About

Here are the most commonly asked questions about that may help you decide if it is the right app creation platform for you or not.

What is is a simple drag & drop app builder that lets you create your eLearning app in minutes for any device, without a single line of code.

How much does cost?

There are two plans named Pro and Ultimate that you can pay for monthly or annually. If you opt for the monthly billing option, you will be charged $119/mo and $297/mo else $97/mo and $239/mo respectively.

What about’s money-back guarantee? 

At, you’re covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Anytime within the first 30 days of your subscription, you feel that it’s not good for your business, connect with them via email and they’ll refund your full amount of money.

Can I get a free trial of

Yes, you can get a 14 Day Free Trial of the Pro plan. So, there’s no risk involved, no long-time contract, and you can cancel at any time.

Does charge any hidden fee? 

No, apart from your subscription charges, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $25 to publish your app on Google Play Store and $8/month ($99/year) to launch your app on the Apple App Store.

How many apps can I create with active license?

One active license of facilitates you to create one iOS app, Android app, Progressive Web App (PWA), and desktop app. Having said that, you can create unlimited products or courses within your app.

Do I need coding skills to create apps on

No. They offer a neat & clean interface with the drag & drop facility.

Will Passion apps work in any country & any language?

Absolutely. For more information, you can see the platform demo here. 

Is the app built in my app or Passion’s app?

Every Passion app is your very own native, branded, and white-labeled.

Is the Passion app good for fitness?

Indeed, Passion apps are good for fitness, entertainment, real estate, arts & crafts, food, fashion & beauty, business & marketing, etc. Do check out our comprehensive post on successful app examples for 2024.

How do I get paid from my Passion app?

Google, Apple, and Stripe will pay you directly. Google & Apple take about a month, for Stripe, it’s usually 3 days. If you’re on their Ultimate plan, you can integrate your own payment provider as well.

What about transaction fees on

You will be charged a 3.9% payment process fee for using PassionPayments, their in-house payment system. That being said, you’re allowed to use your own payment provider in the “Ultimate” plan at 0% platform fees.

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Final Thoughts on Review 2024

That’s a wrap-up of the review for 2024.

Based on our experience, it’s a great platform to build and sell online courses & coaching!

Simple drag & drop app builder, smart templates, seamless orders & subscriptions, easy payments & payout, and amazing customer support, make it easy to launch your own in no time even if you’re not a techie.

Its features like On-demand & live streaming, Drip content, Interactive Communities, Push notifications, and Automated challenges make it a more powerful platform for building LMS apps.

So, what’re you still waiting for?

Get started with today and deliver the ultimate learning experience that sells.

I hope you liked this review of

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!

A seasoned blogger with over four years of experience, has crafted a successful online journey and generated an impressive revenue surpassing $50,000. His expertise lies in creating engaging content and navigating the digital landscape, making him a go-to source for those seeking insights into the world of profitable blogging.

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