Semrush Affiliate Program Review 2024 (Earn $200 Per Sale)

Semrush Affiliate Program Review 2024


Semrush is considered a one-stop solution for all digital marketing professionals. It is trusted by 6 million users and has a huge database of 20 billion keywords, which makes it a perfect affiliate product to promote as you don’t need to do hard selling. Pre-approved application, free trials, 40% recurring commissions, hassle-free payments, dedicated affiliate managers, and many more positive aspects work as the cherry on the cake.

Are you looking for the Semrush affiliate program review 2024?

Do you want to kick-start your affiliate marketing journey and wondering if is it worth promoting the Semrush affiliate program or not?

Hands down, you have landed on the right page. In this post, I have shared an unbiased review of the Semrush affiliate program.

If you have been blogging for a while or promoting affiliate products via any other medium, then you must be aware that affiliate marketing is lit. But to make the maximum of your efforts, you will have to find the RIGHT products to promote.

That is why I came up with the idea to review the Semrush affiliate program in depth.

semrush affiliate program review
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At the end of this post, you will come to know everything related to the Semrush affiliate program including its overview, how it works, how much you can earn as a Semrush affiliate, its advantages, and much more.

But before deep-diving into the Semrush affiliate review, let’s have a quick look at the Semrush product itself.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Semrush Overview (Online Visibility Management Platform)

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Semrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that helps digital marketing professionals with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing, and
  • Market Research

This tool has everything that helps you to boost your online store, grow your digital agency, and most importantly comprehensive competitive research to track competitors’ traffic, keyword strategies, and everything you need to outperform the competition.

So whether you run an e-commerce store, an agency, or an enterprise, they have the perfect solutions that can fit all the marketing needs of your business.

Semrush Plans & Pricing

semrush latest pricing
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Semrush offers 3 standard plans along with an enterprise plan which is 100% flexible.

1. Pro ($129.95 per month)

This is the entry-level plan that will help you to know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.

This plan is good for freelancers, startups, and in-house marketers having a limited budget.

2. Guru ($229.95 per month)

This is the advanced plan that fits well for SMBs and growing marketing agencies.

In this plan, you will additionally get:

  • Content Marketing Platform
  • Branded reports
  • Historical Data
  • Extended limits

3. Business ($449.95 per month)

This is the most advanced plan best for agencies, E-commerce projects, and businesses with an extensive web presence.

This plan will facilitate you with:

  • White-label reports
  • API access
  • Extended limits and sharing options
  • Google Data Studio Integration

This is a basic overview of Semrush plans & pricing. To know more about Semrush plans in detail you can check out this link.

Important: You can save 17% on Semrush plans by opting for annual billing.

The best thing about Semrush is that you can get a 14-day free trial on their Pro plan and 7 days on Guru Plan.

This way you can test their tools to understand how Semrush fits your needs.

Do you want to give it a try?

Now, I’m sure you are clear enough about how reliable and useful this tool is. So let’s dive into the review of the Semrush affiliate program straight away.

Semrush Affiliate Program Overview

Semrush affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for bloggers, webmasters, and all-around marketing geniuses.

It helps you earn up to 40% recurring commissions on each Semrush subscription sale. That means till the time customers you recommended to Semrush are with them, you will be getting your commissions for sure.

Whereas most of the other companies offer a one-time commission which means you will be paid once on any successful conversion.

So, if you follow the right marketing strategies, you can make thousands of dollars in commission just by promoting Semrush.

Are you getting me?

How Semrush Affiliate Program Works?

The Semrush affiliate program works in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Join BeRush

join berush
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The very first and foremost step to get started with it to join BeRush.

Unlike other affiliate programs where you request for joining an affiliate program and wait for hours, days, and even months to get it approved, joining BeRush only takes a few minutes of yours.

All you need to visit to join the Semrush affiliate program.

semrush affiliate program signup
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Fill up the basic form and you are done. It’s as simple as that.

Isn’t it amazing?

Step 2. Advertise

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The next step is to advertise Semrush on your blog or any other relevant platform.

As soon as you log in to your BeRush account, you will be welcomed by a super user-friendly dashboard. It will give you exclusive access to promo materials such as links, banners, eBooks, widgets, offers, etc. in 7 different languages.

berush dashboard
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To start promoting Semrush, all you need to do is select some promo material of your choice, generate a link, and place the same link on your site or relevant sources.

Here, I have selected the Trials under the Links tab.

berush affiliate link
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Now, all you need to do is click on the Copy Code button to copy the affiliate link and then use it on your blog, channel, etc.

This way you can get links to any promo material.

Furthermore, you will also get access to advanced statistics, payouts, income, education hub, and Incentives via BeRush dashboard.

Step 3. Earn Money

money bag
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Finally, it’s time to get paid for every new user you send to Semrush and subscribe to their plans.

You will be getting up to 40% recurring commission for every new user. This simply means you will be getting paid every month, not just the first one!

Now, I am presenting you with the earnings of one of its affiliates so that you can feel the actual potential of BeRush and at the same time you can get some motivation to get started with the Semrush affiliate program.

anil agarwal income report
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These are the latest earnings of Anil Agarwal who has earned over $280k with Semrush and one of the top affiliates from India.

He started promoting Semrush in 2016 and within five years he has made approx. 21,000,000 INR.

Huh, this is really HUGE.

Moreover, Semrush comes with some time to time amazing contests that you can check under the incentives tabs.

These contests are like icing on the cake.

So don’t miss out to participate in these contests to win some extra money.


BeRush is a complete package for affiliate marketers. Some of the positive aspects of joining BeRush are as mentioned below.

1. Easy Sign-up Process

Joining BeRush is a cakewalk for everyone. One can join within a couple of minutes just by providing an email address and a link to your resource where you will be promoting Semrush.

2. 100% Approval

Unlike other affiliate programs, they pre-approve all affiliate applications.

3. Convenient Dashboard

The next thing you would love about BeRush is its user-friendly dashboard with convenient statistics.

4. Extended Free Trials

Semrush offers a 7 day free trial for all of its affiliates. But this is not all.

You may get an extended trial period of 14 days or even full 30 days based on the sales you generate for them. This gives its affiliates an extra edge to promote the Semrush tool in better ways.

5. Exclusive Promotional Rights

Once you join BeRush, you will get exclusive promotional rights to one of the world’s greatest competitive intelligence services.

6. 10 Years of Cookie Life

With BeRush “first cookie wins” attribution model, you can enjoy an unprecedented 10 years of cookie life.

7. Easy Payments

Most importantly, you will receive your commissions twice a month, upon reaching a minimum threshold which is only $50 for PayPal.

You can opt-in to PayPal or Wire Transfer to withdraw your funds.

8. Excellent Customer Support

Lastly, you will be privileged with excellent customer support that also includes a dedicated affiliate manager to guide you better to take your earnings and overall experience to the next level.


1. High Competition

Apart from its endless advantages, the very first downside of promoting BeRush that I found for newbies is high competition.

As BeRush is one of the best affiliate programs, so top bloggers and affiliate marketers are already promoting it.

Because of this, ranking for keywords related to Semrush is quite competitive.

Yes, it is difficult for a beginner to outrank high-authority sites that are already ranking but not impossible.

You can write 10x content and try to build some high authority backlinks to outrank your competitors.

That being said, competition is restricted to the organic rankings only and there are a lot of other ways you can promote an affiliate product.

2. First Cookie Wins Policy

The next drawback is their first cookie wins model. That simply means even if you have educated and convinced your audience to subscribe for Semrush but if that user already visited the Semrush site via someone else’s affiliate link, then he or she will be getting paid not you.

I would not include Semrush pricing (starts $119.95/mo) as a drawback here as I know it’s worth every penny.

Now, let’s have a quick look at some of the best ways to promote Semrush.

Top Ways To Promote Semrush?

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Though it may vary based on your niche and the audience you cover.

Having said that, there are some proven ways used by established bloggers and affiliate marketers that will certainly boost your Semrush affiliate sales.

1. Email Newsletters

It is said that money is on the list, right?

If you have a huge list of subscribers then my friend you are way ahead of your competitors and ready to earn.

If you don’t have one, start building an email list today to skyrocket your earnings while promoting Semrush.

2. Video Tutorials

Videos are considered more engaging as compared to text and that is the reason people prefer videos to learn about a product.

So you can create some dedicated videos around Semrush features and workflow. You can also embed them in your blog posts.

3. Social Networking Sites

As we have already discussed, ranking for search terms related to Semrush could be a tough job, especially for beginners so one can take advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to promote Semrush.

Giveaways and paid ads may work well for you.

4. Blog Posts

Being a blogger myself, this is my favorite one. A blog helps you build a long-term relationship with your audience.

And you know affiliate marketing is all about building trust first then selling.

So start creating some relevant posts (Product Reviews, Comparisons, Discounts, Offers, Case studies) around Semrush that will surely help you to generate affiliate revenue without hard selling.

5. eBooks

eBooks also work great when it comes to creating awareness about a product.

As you know Semrush is a fully-featured pack product, you can create ebooks around its features while adding your affiliate links.

So this is how you can promote Semrush and earn affiliate income.

Don’t forget to follow these three basic yet effective tips to start your journey like a pro.

Important Note: You are not allowed to promote Semrush on gambling websites, adult sites, or with any other content that is considered offensive or inappropriate.

3 Tips to Boost Semrush Conversions (Bonus)

1. Try to educate people about Semrush and explain how this tool will be helping their business grow rather than making clickbait.

2. Clearly mention to your site visitors that they will need a credit card for a free trial.

3. Disclose that you will be earning small commissions if your site visitors buy from you.


What is Semrush?

Trusted by 6 million marketers worldwide, Semrush is a renowned name in the digital marketing industry that makes your business visible to Google. It includes 45+ tools for SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research.

What is the Semrush affiliate program?

Semrush affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs for marketing geniuses that lets you earn $200 commission on each successful sale. And of course, it is completely free and simple to join.

Do I need to be a Semrush customer to promote Semrush?

No. To promote Semrush, you don’t necessarily need to subscribe to the Semrush plan. Though it’s good to have access to the Semrush tool (at least a free trial) as this way you will be able to build trust with your audience and promote it in better ways.

What is the minimum amount of commissions required to withdraw my funds?

To withdraw your commission which is paid in US dollars (USD), you will need to have at least $50 for PayPal withdrawal and $1000 for wire transfer.

How and when do I get paid?

Semrush offers two payment methods, PayPal and Wire transfer.

PayPal payments are paid automatically on the 10th and 25th of each month when your account balance reaches the minimum threshold i.e. $50.

For wire transfers, you will have to fill out an invoice once you reach the minimum threshold of $1000.

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Final Thoughts On Semrush Affiliate Program

So this is all related to the Semrush affiliate program review 2024.

For me, Semrush is one of the most trustworthy with a comparatively better accuracy toolkit for SEO professionals, and that makes Semrush program a must-join affiliate program for everyone.

I have joined it and generated a couple of sales as well.

Moreover, I am taking away a vision to become a better affiliate marketer and skyrocket my affiliate earnings.

What are you taking away from this Semrush affiliate review? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

A seasoned blogger with over four years of experience, has crafted a successful online journey and generated an impressive revenue surpassing $50,000. His expertise lies in creating engaging content and navigating the digital landscape, making him a go-to source for those seeking insights into the world of profitable blogging.

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  1. Hey Amit, wow, that is so amazing to have made that much from an affiliate program. I’m inspired!

    I have not joined SemRush affiliate yet.

    But one question, if everyone signs up and does it , would it water down the amounts one would receive? Hmm. Burning question if so many use an affiliate.
    it would depend on who makes the best content, right?
    Thanks for sharing your this Amit.

    Vishal Meena

  2. Berush is one of the best affiliate program as it give 40% Recurring commission.

    You have give detailed information about berush with proper formatting great post bro.

    Thanks and regards

    Ayush Mishra

  3. Hello Amit,

    This is really an awesome post.

    I really appreciate the way you have shared each and everything about SEMrush Affiliate programs and how it works- step by step and detailed process.

    A comprehensive and complete guide making the concept very simple and easy to understand. Yes I too believe Berush is one of the best affiliate programs as it gives 40% recurring commission.

    Thanks Amit for your detailed research and sharing this with us. Keep writing and sharing more similar and useful posts.


  4. Amazing guide Amit.Berush affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs. Yes, there is competition and the minimum threshold is much higher than other programs. However, this program gives recurring income and gives ample opportunities to create more actionable content. Keep Inspiring


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