SEO PowerSuite Review 2024: Is it the Right SEO Tool For You? [Explained]

SEO PowerSuite Review


SEO PowerSuite is the most complete set of effective SEO software that helps you with accurate rank monitoring, profound link analysis, site audit + content optimization, and in-depth competition analysis at affordable pricing. 

Are you looking for the SEO PowerSuite review for 2024? You’re in the right place.

SEO PowerSuite is one of the best value-for-money SEO tools offering all imaginable functionalities SEOs need for website optimization. 

The SEO software will suit the needs of online marketers working over their own websites, as well as in-house SEO specialists, building an SEO strategy for middle to large online enterprises. 

The scope of application varies from free random checks (since the tool creators offer a pretty generous free plan) to fully automated SEO workflow, suitable for SEO agencies.

All in all, it’s is a great option to consider for all your SEO needs. So, without much ado, let’s dive into the detailed review of SEO PowerSuite.

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SEO PowerSuite Quick Overview (2024)

Conceived in 2004 in Minsk, SEO PowerSuite has proved its reputation with dozens of SEOs for over 20 years now. Currently, the tool has over 20K weekly active users.

Its creator and inspirator Aleh Barysevich is an SEO expert and speaker at major industry conferences, including SMX and BrightonSEO.

SEO PowerSuite has its own impressive keyword database.

SEO PowerSuite manages its own backlink database of 3.7 trillion external backlinks, 7.1 billion pages crawled daily.

In addition to the desktop software, the company offers an online backlink checker and a Backlink API.

What is SEO PowerSuite?

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The SEO software includes 4 desktop apps, each focused on a specific SEO aspect: 

  • Rank Tracker for rankings checks and keyword research;
  • Website Auditor for content optimization and technical SEO fixes;
  • SEO SpyGlass for backlink checks;
  • LinkAssistant for link-building and email outreach campaigns.

This is desktop software and requires prior installation, but it will only take a few minutes. To start using any of the SEO PowerSuite tools, launch the app and paste the URL of your website to create a project. Then, inspect.

The tools share similar interfaces and functionalities which will please those SEOs who like flexibility and doing it all their own way.

  • Each tool contains standard modules on the left-hand and default workspaces which you can customize yourself, adding and removing the SEO metrics you need.
  • All four tools contain filters that let you sort out unnecessary rubbish, customize searches, etc. Besides, you can create tags to handle your material the way you like and even set some automatic tasks, applied to your defined tag list.
  • All stats can be exported either by copypaste or by download in CSV/PDF format for some data (note that different pricing plans allow different levels of storing and exporting the project data).
  • SEO PowerSuite integrates with third-party tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads Keyword Planner.
  • You can import data from any other source.
  • Each tool has the Reports module with predefined templates that you can also customize and design to give it your preferred appearance.
  • For SEO agencies, there is a white-label feature for reports. You can define your company information and your client information in the Project Settings, and add a logo to the reports. The reports can be sent to an email or stored in-cloud and shared via URL. Branded reports are available in the Enterprise pricing plan.
  • There is a powerful automation and alerts functionality that lets SEOs run automated tasks: automated rankings checks, site audits, backlink checks. You can set alerts to get a warning once some undesired event happens. For example, a top keyword loses rankings, or your site gets an influx of spammy links.
  • All tools offer unrivaled localization opportunities: define your preferred search engine in any corner of the world. SEO PowerSuite supports over 500 search engines all over the world.

Let’s have a deeper look at SEO tasks the software allows doing.

Rank Tracker: A Beast of Rank Trackers with Superb Features at Moderate Costs

Rank Tracker is keyword software tracking ranks in all possible search engines and geographic locations. Rank Tracker helps you uplevel pages in organic search with keyword tracking and bring more organic traffic. The valuable functionalities inside Rank Tracker:

Check keywords without limits.

An unlimited number of projects to create and keywords to track (although, storing possibilities vary for different pricing plans).

seo powersuite rank progress tracking
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Research keywords software with 24 methods.

A powerful keyword research software with 24 keyword research methods: Autocomplete in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube, Ask, etc; TF-IDF algorithm; Related Searches, word mixer, etc.

seo powersuite keyword research tools
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Research your organic competitors.

There is a Competitor Research module analyzing the online market and showing you your top competitors by domain and by keywords. Besides, you can add the discovered competitors to your tracking module and check their rankings as well.

Knowing what your competitors are doing, you can develop your own strategy, and borrow some of their optimization tactics.

seo powersuite add organic competitors rank tracker suggestions
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Map keywords and landing pages and track their performance.

The Keyword Mapping module for managing keywords and landing pages. The tool has a grouping algorithm that sorts words by topics (you can define the level of semantic similarity).

So, you sort the keywords by groups and keywords and estimate their qualities: do ranking analysis, PPC analysis, keyword difficulty, expected visits. The feature helps SEOs prioritize tasks and measure progress.

seo powersuite track rankings by landing pages
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Use SEO metrics for the expected impact and ROI.

Calculates SEO metrics for keyword assessment such as Keyword Difficulty, Keyword Effectiveness Index, expected visits prediction, etc.

There is a special SERP Analysis tool that calculates Keyword Difficulty based on the top 10 ranking pages, establishing ranking correlation for the main ranking factors — ranking keywords, page strength, backlinks, and page speed.

seo powersuite SEO PPC analysis
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Examine the SERP thoroughly.

The tracking module lets you monitor SERPs, observe featured snippets, check the history on the top 10 and top 30.

The tool records SERP history, shows the ranking graph for your page, and a special graph for online visibility for each keyword and for the project in general.

seo powersuite SERP details
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Track important SEO events on a timeline.

A special tool for SERP shake-ups and the timeline: the graph shows how SERPs have changed: drastic changes may indicate Google updates.

seo powersuite track SEO impact SERP fluctuation graph
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WebSite Auditor: Site Audit and Content Optimization in One Tool

Website Auditor combines the features of a site crawler and a content optimization tool. It includes a bunch of webmaster tools, a general website audit tool, an on-page audit tool, a keyword map, and a content editor.

Thus, it allows managing the work of a whole SEO team, from webmaster to copywriters and editors getting the results reported. The most distinguished features of the WebSite Auditor that you will certainly need:

Fix technical SEO errors.

It quickly shows the most typical SEO: sneaky redirects, broken pages, missing keywords in titles tags, broken structured data. WebSite Auditor shows where the error occurs, gives the context to the error and how you can fix it.

seo powersuite complete website audit
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Examine all resources on your website.

It lets you examine and manage all resources on your site, page-by-page, or by type: images, internal and external linking, HTML errors, CSS errors, Javascript errors, and so much more.

seo powersuite audit resources in bulk
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Use website tools for technical fixes.

The SEO spider contains helpful webmaster tools: XML sitemap generator, hreflang tags tool for implementing localization, visual sitemap tool.

seo powersuite website tools
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Detect page speed and loading issues.

It connects to Google PageSpeed API and inspects pages speed issues, estimating whether each page meets Core Web Vitals requirements.

seo powersuite project preference pagespeed API
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Optimize content on the go.

Content writers can do page-by-page SEO optimization for each URL. The Content Editor scans the SERP results for your optimized page.

With a focus on the major keyword, it gives tips on how to better optimize your text.

seo powersuite content editor
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SEO SpyGlass is backlink checker software built primarily for webmasters and SEO link-builders.

The backlink checker scans link profiles (of your own website or of your competitors’), comparing the domains and discovering all you need to know about backlinks. This is all about website authority, backlink gaps, and opportunities.

See your historic backlink profile.

You can quickly uncover when your website has gained or has lost the most backlinks dating back to at least 1 year ago. Filter the backlinks by type (text or image, dofollow or nofollow) snd examine the backlinks.

This way spot your most successful marketing campaigns; figure out who removed or redirected a backlink; or if there is any crawl error that should be fixed.

seo powersuite historic backlink data
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Proprietary link rank metric similar to PageRank.

The tool has its own SEO metric called InLink Rank. It is estimated for the domain in general and for each page in particular. It calculates the metric based on important ranking factors, like domain age, domain IP, the number of backlinks coming from the same IP, etc. 

Spam checker tool.

SEO SpyGlass estimates how valuable your backlinks are by a number of criteria: the type of link (dofollow, nofollow), its link juice (aka PageRank), and link Penalty Risk metric. For webmasters treating SEO spam, there is a simple-to-use Disavow Tool.

seo powersuite disavow file generator tool
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Compare your domain competitors.

There is the Domain Strength module that shows all domain authority data in a bulk — for your own website and your added competitors. And there is also a Bulk Analysis tool that lets you analyze up to 200 domains at a time.

seo powersuite domain comparison SEO SpyGlass
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Analyze competitors and find gaps to grab growth opportunities.

The competitor analysis tool shows the intersection of competitor domains (you add them yourself or discover by checking top-ranking domains for your keyword). It shows the general authority score, the number of backlinks, the number of referring domains, what IP and C-blocks refer to the site.

Quick filters let you filter out spam and rubbish, leaving the quality domains you may need. The tool allows is sufficient for special link tactics like broken link-building, skyscraper link-building, etc.

seo powersuite intersecting domains
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Merge backlinks from various data sources.

Sometimes SEOs badly need to compare backlink indexes. For example, you can detect the backlinks which Google has not indexed yet, so you get them and expose them to Google for crawling. SEO SpyGlass lets you import and analyze backlinks from any data source.

seo powersuite import link data
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LinkAssistant: Link-building the New Way and Email Outreach for Market Growth

LinkAssistant is an email outreach software combining a scraper tool, an email client, and a link-builder module. First and foremost, LinkAssistant lets you quickly scrape email addresses from the list of websites you already have.

Besides, the tool contains an in-built backlink checker for finding backlinks or general marketing opportunities. The email client lets you send bulk emails with predefined templates (customizable ones) and track communication stages.

Run email scraper tool.

To use the LinkAssistant email scraper, paste the URL, and the tool will find emails available on the website. There are safe search settings, including human emulation, delayed search, and CAPTCHA resolving to avoid being blocked as a robot.

seo powersuite safe search settings email scraper
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Find link-building and marketing prospects.

Using the in-built backlink checker and keyword tool, you can find prospects for your marketing ideas with precisely targeted searches.

Whether you are looking for websites specialized in guest posting, reviews, business directories, taking link placements; or you’re simply looking for hot leads on websites similar to your major topic, there are search filters and custom search queries helping you uncover exactly what you need.

seo powersuite start new search
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Send bulk emails.

The email client integrates with any other email service you prefer. There are predefined email templates aimed for link-builders (for such methods like link exchange requests).

However, the templates are customizable, and you can easily adapt them to any marketing campaign you want. There are automatic flags marking the status of an email so that you can track the progress of your correspondence.

seo powersuite send custom bulk emails
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Track links and indexing of pages.

The special tool for link outreachers lets you verify existing links, together with anchor text, first and the last date found, indexing and cache in any search engine.

There are also proprietary metrics that help link-builders estimate the quality of the domain and the page: the InLink Rank, domain authority, social media popularity in Facebook and Pinterest, and even titles and meta descriptions of the page.

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SEO PowerSuite Pricing

seo powersuite pricing
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SEO PowerSuite offers flexible pricing comes in three versions: free use, Professional license, and Enterprise license. 

Professional and Enterprise licenses offer wider possibilities for some functionalities within SEO PowerSuite (for example, tracking more competitors; checking more backlinks; managing data).

All four tools share some common features that make the tools highly adaptable to individual user needs. Depending on your goals, you may use only one tool or all four of them. The real value of SEO PowerSuite lies in vast databases, powering accurate and reliable data.

If you’re in doubt, check it yourself, trial of the tools, onboarding materials, and friendly support are at your avail!

Pros & Cons


  • No limits on the number of keywords and projects to track;
  • Huge databases of keywords and backlinks;
  • Over 500 search engines supported in any possible location all over the world;
  • Integrates with Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Planner, Mozscape API;
  • Flexibility and customization for numerous SEO tasks;
  • Automation for professional SEO and branded reports for Enterprises;
  • Supported in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, and Slovak;
  • Steep learning curve, plenty of support materials, a video course of SEO beginners;
  • The best value-for-money tool, with the quality of the services comparable to market leaders with a higher price.


  • WebSite Auditor is a desktop tool using Javascript, which relies on your PC performance. This may cause issues checking really big websites (above 400,000 pages). For this case, you will need a machine with bigger RAM capacities; as a roundabout, you’ll need to allocate more memory to SEO PowerSuite (there is a user manual outlining steps how to do it).


What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is desktop software comprising 4 tools each addressing a specific area of optimization: ranks checking, website audits, backlink checks, and link-building and outreach.

Can I try SEO PowerSuite for free?

Yes, there is a free version of SEO PowerSuite available.

What are the system requirements for running SEO PowerSuite?

The SEO PowerSuite apps work equally well on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For more information, consult SEO PowerSuite Knowledgebase.

What about SEO PowerSuite pricing?

SEO PowerSuite goes in a free version, Professional version at $299 per year, and Enterprise version at $699 per year, pay attention to your national VATs.

Is PowerSuite worth SEO?

SEO PowerSuite is a no-brainer for those who are on a tight budget. Yes, it has certain limitations, but it is way cheaper than the other cloud apps.

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Final Thoughts on SEO PowerSuite Review 2024

So, here we have to the end of this SEO PowerSuite Review for 2024.

If you are a newcomer to SEO and want to start learning it step by step, SEO PowerSuite is a great tool for this. You’ll get an all-in-one SEO tool that lets you build a complete SEO workflow, with all industry-level functionalities at a moderate price, as compared to its larger competitors.

If you’re an expert SEO looking for custom features and flexibility, these tools have something to offer as well.

So, what’re you still waiting for? Take a try and see yourself!

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