Bluehost Affiliate Program Review 2023 (How We Made Over $5000)

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review 2023


Bluehost affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs among bloggers and affiliate marketers.

It gives you an opportunity to earn a minimum $65 commission by recommending Bluehost hosting services to your audience.

It is completely free to join and offers the most accurate tracking system and top-notch affiliate support. The best part about being a Bluehost affiliate is that you don’t need to hard-selling while promoting Bluehost services.

You SELL more when you stop SELLING.

Yes, it’s true and this goes very well with Bluehost, trusted by 2 million websites.

If you are looking for the Bluehost affiliate program review and wondering how the Bluehost affiliate program works then you have landed on the right page.

bloggingbeats bluehost affiliate commissions
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Bluehost in-house affiliate program earnings

Did you just see that?

It’s just two years now since I started promoting the Bluehost affiliate program and you can see the amazing results I’m getting from it.

That’s why I am here to share an unbiased and in-depth review of the Bluehost affiliate program with you guys.

If you are not sure whether it’s worth promoting the Bluehost affiliate program or not, hands down and go through this post till the end. All your doubts regarding the Bluehost affiliate marketing program will get clear here.   

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly, one of the best ways to make money online. But finding the RIGHT products to promote is the first step towards your successful affiliate marketing journey.

And being a Bluehost user and Bluehost affiliate myself, I think I am the right person to present you with Bluehost Affiliate Review.

bluehost affiliate program review
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At the end of this post, you will be taking away with you;

  • Bluehost Overview
  • How to make a blog with Bluehost 
  • Bluehost affiliate program review
  • How to join the Bluehost affiliate program?
  • How does the Bluehost affiliate program work?
  • Bluehost affiliate commission rate and affiliate earnings
  • How to promote Bluehost affiliate?
  • Bluehost affiliate payout
  • Bluehost affiliate payment methods

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Bluehost Overview (The Leading Web Hosting Solutions Company)

Bluehost hosting services was founded back in 2003 and now powering more than 2 million websites all over the world.

They have a vast team of 750+ dedicated members who will help you get started, grow your presence online, and are ready to answer your questions 24/7. 

Most importantly, Bluehost is committed to WordPress for over 10 years now and you would be happy to know that it is one of the top recommended WordPress providers by

Committed to wordpress bluehost.jpg
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In 2010, they were honored to be a part of Endurance International Group’s family of brands.

Bluehost offers the most reliable and affordable web hosting services that include shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Its most popular WordPress shared hosting starts at $2.95 only which is a complete package for those who are just getting started.

This includes:

  • A free domain name (.com included) for 1st year
  • FREE SSL Certificate
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Custom Email addresses
  • 24/7 Support
  • 99.9% uptime

All these features at the cost of $2.95 per month make it the first choice for bloggers and small business owners. 

This is the main reason being a Bluehost affiliate you will not need to do hard selling.

So let’s start reviewing the Bluehost affiliate program right away.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review For 2023

Bluehost affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs that give an opportunity to bloggers and affiliate marketers earn huge commissions while promoting Bluehost hosting products to their audience and clients.

They offer the most detailed and accurate tracking system along with top-notch affiliate support.

You would be amazed by knowing over $5 million has already been paid in the commission last year only.

Being a Bluehost user, I admire their commitment to WordPress, and that is the reason I highly recommend Bluehost to my site visitors.

One can become an affiliate for free and can earn a minimum of $65 for each qualified sign-up.

So do join the Bluehost affiliate program today!!   

How to Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

Joining the Bluehost affiliate program is completely free.

1. All you need to click here to join the Bluehost affiliate team. As soon as you visit this link, you will be landing on the Bluehost affiliate page which looks like this;

bluehost affiliate program landing page
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2. Click on the Sign-up button that will bring you a simple affiliate sign-up form.  

bluehost affiliate login information
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bluehost affiliate signup account information
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bluehost affiliate signup payment information
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Affiliate Login Information:

In this section, enter the desired user name along with a strong password. For example for my affiliate account, I chose bloggingbeats

Affiliate Account Information:

Here, you have to provide some basic details such as your name, address, phone number, email address, and primary URL where you will be promoting the Bluehost affiliate program.

In the primary URL, you need to mention your blog name. As I mentioned 

Affiliate Payment Information:

In this section, provide your PayPal email address. In my case it is

After putting all the information click on the signup button. 

So this is how you can request for joining the Bluehost affiliate program.

Accessing Bluehost Affiliate Dashboard

Once your application to join the Bluehost affiliate program is approved by the Bluehost affiliate team, you will get a confirmation mail having your affiliate link and other helpful tips to get started.

Alternatively, you can log in to the Bluehost affiliate panel to get your affiliate link and track everything related to your account.

To access the Bluehost affiliate login, simply visit this link

bluehost affiliate login
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Enter the username or Email Address, password, and log in.

You will see your Bluehost affiliate dashboard which looks like this; 

bluehost affiliate dashboard
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This is my affiliate account dashboard for the current payout period. Just by looking at this screen, you can analyze how simple and convenient it is.

On the home page, you will see the number of clicks and signups you got in the specific duration. By default current month data will be available, you can change the dates to track your affiliate history.  

To get your tracking links all you need to visit the links section on your dashboard.

bluehost affiliate links
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Here you can see my affiliate link. This is a unique link for everyone. To earn commissions, you need to use your link on your blog or relevant medium.

Once any user buys Bluehost services using your affiliate link, you will be paid commissions. It’s as simple as that.  

Moreover, you will also get access to various attractive banners that you can use on your blog to promote Bluehost. 


This tab will help you to track:

Pay Period: Know Bounty Per Signup, Net Signups, Total Balance Due, and much more.

Campaigns: Track individual campaign details (if created) otherwise you will see default campaign details that include the number of signups and number of clicks date-wise. 

Referring Links: This will help you to know which posts (URLs) are getting clicks and signups. 

Payout history: In this section, you can see your payment history.

Acquisition details: Know the domain, term, commission amount, client IP, campaign, referring URL about each signup.


Here, you can edit your profile which you created at the time of signup. You can change basic details and your password if needed.

Most importantly you can submit the tax form from here which is mandatory before actually getting your payment.

To submit the tax form – click the tax form under the settings tab.

bluehost tax form
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If you are not a U.S. person, select No. Being an Indian, I selected No.

As soon as you select no, you will see a form named W-8BEN which you need to fill up to get your payment once you reach the minimum payout.

bluehost W 8BEN form
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bluehost tax form part
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bluehost W 8BEN certification
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bluehost W 8BEN signature
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Enter your name, address, PAN card number in the foreign tax identifying number, and date of birth.

Provisions of Article: VII [SEVEN]

Claim a 0 % rate

Reasons the beneficial owner meets the terms of the treaty article:


Checkmark the YES, I have read and acknowledge certification.

Enter your name in Signature

Capacity in which acting


This is how you can fill out this form if you are from India.

After filling up the form click on submit tax form. After some time you can expect a confirmation mail from the Bluehost affiliate team whether your form is filled correctly or not. 

Otherwise, you can send a mail to from your end to double-check your form status.

In the term section, you will find some quick links to the Bluehost terms of service. 

The help tab will assist you with affiliate FAQs.

So this is all related to the Bluehost affiliate dashboard.

Now let’s explore some important aspects you would be wondering about.

Bluehost Affiliate Commission Rate and Affiliate Earnings

Being an affiliate you must be wondering how much you would be earning for each customer you refer to the Bluehost.

It is $65 for each qualified sign-up. But this is not all. There are some affiliates who are earning $100 or even more affiliate commissions for each successful sale. 

You can achieve the same by referring a good number of customers to Bluehost consistently.

Bluehost Affiliate Payout

Bluehost sends the first payment when you acquire 2 referral credits. But after the first payment, there is no restriction like this and you will be getting paid even if you get one sale. 

Affiliate payments are issued about two months after being recorded in the affiliate account. 

Payments are processed and sent out from the 16th through the last day of the month. For example, if you get some sales in September, they will be processed between the 16th and 31st of November. 

Bluehost Affiliate Payment Methods

They pay all commissions through PayPal Masspay! 

This allows you to get your payments automatically and quickly. Moreover, Bluehost also pays all fees associated with the payment so you will get the full $65.00 for every sale!

How to Promote Bluehost Affiliate?

There are many ways you can promote an affiliate product. 

But I personally believe to get started with promoting any product you must have sufficient knowledge about that product. 

Till the time you haven’t used the product yourself, you will not be able to build trust with your audience and promote any product in effective ways.

That’s why I highly recommend you use the products before you start promoting them. Though it’s not possible to subscribe to a paid plan for every product you promote, you can at least take advantage of their free trials and money-back policies.

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back policy while some of the other web hosts offer free hosting trials no credit card required.

So, now let’s explore how to make money as a Bluehost affiliate.

1. Promoting Bluehost Affiliate Programs through Blogging

The #1 way to promote the Bluehost affiliate program is to start a blog around blogging, making money online, or web hosting services.

Making a blog with Bluehost is really a piece of mind and you can launch a blog on Bluehost within 15 minutes only.

If you want to start a blog or site with Bluehost services, here is a step-by-step guide for doing so.

Making a Blog with Bluehost

Step 1: All you need to click here to visit the Bluehost official website.

bluehost web hosting
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Step 2: Click on the “Host Your Site” button and you will be landing on the Bluehost plans and pricing page which looks like this;

bluehost plans
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As you can see there are four Bluehost hosting plans that start from $2.95 per month only.  

I have been using the Bluehost Basic plan for my blog from the beginning and it’s like a piece of mind for me.  So for beginners, I highly recommend you to go with the Basic plan that will cost you $35.40 for a 12 months plan.

Bluehost each plan is included with a free domain name for a year, free SSL, free CDN, automatic WordPress installation, custom emails, and 24/7 fantastic customer support.

Step 3: Click on the Select button under the Basic plan and you will be asked to set up your domain name.

setup domain
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Enter an appropriate easy to remember domain name and go ahead.

Step 4: Once you click on the Next button you will be landing on the signup page where you will have to provide account information such as name, address, etc.

account information
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Select an account plan. For beginners, the Basic plan for 12 months that will cost you only $2.95/mo is highly recommended.

Uncheck all the package extras, as a beginner, you will not require them. By doing so, you will have to pay only $35.40 for one year plan that also includes a free domain name for one year. 

bluehost package extra
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Enter payment details, you can either use a credit card or Paypal to make payment. 

bluehost payment information
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Confirm you have read all the terms, and policies, and click on the submit button.

bluehost signup submit
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After successful payment, you will see a success message. And here you are ready with your first blog and promoting the Bluehost affiliate program.

bluehost payment success
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After that, you can create an account on Bluehost that will allow you to access cPanel, 1-Click WordPress installation, and much more. 

So this is how you can make a blog on Bluehost. 

After that, you can write a few posts around Bluehost to educate and promote it with your readers.

What kind of posts can you write?

  • Tutorials around Bluehost
  • Bluehost Review Post
  • Listicle Post
  • Alternative post
  • Comparison post

2. YouTube Channel

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Next, you can create a YouTube channel around blogging or hosting services to promote Bluehost. 

Make some helpful videos around Bluehost having your affiliate link in the description. Moreover, you can add your blog post links in the description to drive traffic to your blog. This will ultimately result in more conversions.    

You can also embed these videos in your blog posts which will help in better rankings, user engagement, and dwell timings.

3. Newsletter

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It is said that money is on the list. 

Yes, it’s true and if you have a list of subscribers then you already have an extra edge over other affiliates who do not have one.

Create a sequence of informational emails covering Bluehost features and all other aspects followed by an ultimate mail to make them grab Bluehost services.     

4. Social Media

social promotion
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Social media is on Boom!!

So you can take advantage of social media to promote Bluehost services. You can talk about its features, and pros to educate, and convince your follower to opt for Bluehost over other hosting services.   

Quick Note: Do not post your affiliate link directly on social media. It may result in a lot of spam clicks which can negatively impact your account.

5. Explore Bluehost Options

support team
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If you are an agency or web designer, you can connect with the Bluehost affiliate team to explore their options.

FAQs About Bluehost Affiliate Program

How does the Bluehost affiliate program work?

The Bluehost affiliate program works on the basic model of affiliate marketing. All you need to sign up for the Bluehost affiliate program which is completely free and can be done easily from their website.

Once your application is approved, generate your unique affiliate link, promote Bluehost using your affiliate link, and get paid for every successful sale. 

How to generate a Bluehost affiliate link?

You will get a mail having your affiliate link as soon as your application for joining the Bluehost affiliate program is approved.

Alternatively, you can sign in to the Bluehost affiliate dashboard where you can find your affiliate link under the links section. From here, you can also get links to various banners as well. 

What is the Bluehost affiliate commission rate?

In the beginning, you will be earning $65 for each successful you refer to Bluehost. As the number of sales per month will increase you will be offered better commissions $100-$125 or even more.

What is the Bluehost affiliate minimum payout?

For the first withdrawal, you will need a one-time $100 minimum (2 sales). After that, there is no such restriction and you get your commissions even if you have one valid sale in your account.

What are the Bluehost affiliate payment methods?

You will be paid automatically between the 16th and last day of the month via PayPal.

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Final Thoughts on Bluehost Affiliate Program 2023

So this is all related to the Bluehost affiliate program review for 2023.

I have tried to cover each and every aspect of the Bluehost affiliate program.

I am pretty sure that you have got enough knowledge of what the Bluehost affiliate program is all about, how it works, how to join it, and earn money.  

Being a blogger and Bluehost user, it is the first affiliate program I started promoting on my blog and I can see the good results are coming from the last few months.

If you don’t own a blog as of now then I would highly recommend you make a blog with Bluehost and start promoting its affiliate program immediately.

If you still have any questions or feedback regarding the Bluehost affiliate program, do let me know in the comment section. I will be more than happy to serve you better. 

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