Thinkific Free Trial 2024: Forever Free Plan [No Credit Card Needed]

Thinkific Free Trial 2024


Thinkific is allowing you to test drive this #1 online course platform for free. There’s no time boundation and you don’t even need a credit card. So, start on their free plan today, and upgrade whenever you’re ready.

Do you want to start your online course business? 

Are you currently using any LMS but not happy with it and looking forward to switching to other eLearning platforms? 

Hands down, you’re at the right place. 

In this post, we’ve covered every single bit of information about the Thinkific free trial so that you can get free access to this LMS without any hassles and see if Thinkific is really a good fit for you or not.

Unlike other companies that offer a limited period (7 days, 14 days, 30 days) trial, Thinkific has got you covered with a free plan which is free forever and you can upgrade it at any time. 

The best part? You don’t need to provide your credit card details.  

So, without wasting another minute, let’s dive into the details of the free trial of Thinkific.

Thinkific Free Trial: Test Drive #1 Online Course Platform & LMS

thinkific free trial
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How to Try Thinkific For Free in 2024?

Well, getting started with Thinkific is extremely easy. 

All you need to do is create a Thinkific account which can be done within a minute by following a few basic steps. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do it too.

Step 1: Click on this link that will take you to Thinkific’s official website which looks like this;

Step 2: Hit the “Get Started Free” button above.

Step 3: Sign up using your email address and a strong password.

thinkific signup
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Step 4: Set up your account by selecting the appropriate options quickly as shown below;

thinkific account setup step 1
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thinkific account setup step 3
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As soon as you finish this process, you will be navigated to Thinkific’s dashboard where you can start building your online courses and customizing your website. 

thinkific dashboard
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It’s as simple as that.

Now, you might be curious to know how much you would have to pay once you feel like upgrading to the premium plans. Let’s find out…

Thinkific Pricing Plans (2024)

Thinkific offers four different plans, one is free and the other three are paid which you can opt for accordingly to unlock advanced features as your business grows.

Have a look at the flexible pricing plans from Thinkific;

1. Free ($0/mo): This plan is designed for beginners who want to give it a try to Thinkific for free, and includes the following features;

  • 1 course
  • 1 community
  • 2 spaces per community
  • 1 administrator
  • Unlimited Students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Email and chatbot support
  • 100% ownership of content
  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Easy to use website themes
  • Fully integrated e-commerce
  • App store
  • Course quizzes and surveys
  • Thinkific Free Academy course

2. Basic ($49/mo): This plan includes all Free features and gives you access to essential tools & features you need to successfully launch your online learning business as mentioned below;

  • Unlimited Courses
  • 1 community
  • 5 spaces per community
  • 1 administrator
  • Unlimited Students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Email and live chat support
  • Custom domain
  • Coupons & discounts
  • Affiliate selling
  • Thinkific Foundation Academy courses

3. Start ($99/mo): This plan includes all Basic features and unlocks additional features that help boost student engagement and create an overall great student experience.

  • Unlimited Courses
  • 1 community
  • 10 spaces per community
  • 1 administrator
  • Unlimited Students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Email and live chat support
  • Assignments
  • Bundles and add on packages
  • Memberships & payment plans
  • Live lessons
  • Advanced course-building options
  • Advanced website code editing

4. Free ($199/mo): This is their most popular plan, packed with Start features and more advanced tools that help take your business to the next heights. 

  • Unlimited Courses
  • 3 communities
  • 20 spaces per community
  • 2 administrators
  • Unlimited Students
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Phone and priority email support
  • Remove Thinkific branding
  • Bulk student emailer
  • Bulk enrollments
  • API Access
  • Thinkific Advanced Academy courses

Quick Note: FLAT 20% discount is available on annual subscriptions.

Now, you might be wondering why you should go with Thinkific when there are so many other options available in the market. Here’s the answer…

Why Choose Thinkific?

Thinkific is a single, scalable platform, trusted by 51,000+ creators all over the world to create online courses and turn their expertise into revenue.

It offers a whole set of features that you need to meet the requirements of a modern-day online course.

Let’s take a quick look at them. 

1. Drag-and-Drop Course Builder and Templates

Thinkific offers a drag-and-drop course builder plus a wide range of templates so that you can launch your courses quickly and easily — no coding needed.

2. Unlimited Courses & Students 

You get the freedom to create unlimited courses with unlimited students in all plans.  

3. Website to Market your Products

Thinkific facilitates you to create a website for your course in minutes so that you can market & sell your courses effectively. 

4. Communities

With Thinkific, you can also build your own community & spaces that will better help you engage with your students and keep them around longer. 

5. Memberships

You can offer memberships while giving exclusive access to content and perks and enjoy a steady income stream.

6. Bundles

A great way to sell your products with various pricing options.

7. 0% Transaction Fee

At Thinkific, no transaction fees are applicable which is a huge plus point of choosing Thinkific as your learning management system.

8. Integrated E-Commerce

Thinkific comes with TCommerce, its own suite of business management tools (marketing, payments, and bookkeeping) to simplify your business, available to creators on all plans with no added cost. 

9. App Store

Thinkific has created its own app store having 80+ apps built specifically for course creators like you that will certainly help you grow your business faster.

10. Live Lessons and Coaching

You can conduct live lessons directly through Thinkific which is the need of the hour. 

11. Quiz and Survey

You can create quizzes and surveys to offer a more interactive student experience.

12. Assignments

Thinkific’s Assignment lessons allow you to create, request and review student submissions.

13. Certificates

You can reward your students for completing courses by giving them digital course certificates and keeping them engaged.

14. Coupons & Discounts

You can create discounts and offers with coupons to grow your audience and increase your sales.

15. Affiliate System

You can launch your own affiliate program right from your dashboard to expand your marketing reach and in return affiliate partners can earn a decent commission for each new sale that they send your way.

16. Advanced Reporting

You get detailed insights into your students’ behavior and interests that you can use to fine-tune your content, to get the best out of your marketing efforts in less time.

17. Top-notch Support

You get access to email, live chat, and phone support to accomplish your course creation without any hassles. 

All these features make it one of the best online course platforms for 2024.

Because of the ease and flexibility Thinkific offers to its users, it is getting all the praise it deserves on the leading review websites.

Have a look;

On G2, Thinkific has 4.7 average ratings based on 187 reviews.

On Capterra, they’ve 4.5 ratings based on 159 reviews and also got tags of ESTABLISHED PLAYER / 2022 and EMERGING FAVORITE / 2022.

thinkific capterra ratings
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On Trustpilot, they’ve received 4.6 ratings on the basis of 653 reviews. 

thinkific trustpilot ratings
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These ratings & reviews prove that this is truly a reliable online learning platform, and you should leverage this LMS if you want to start or scale your business without all the pains.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Thinkific and its free trial.

What is Thinkific used for?

Thinkific is an all-in-one platform designed for course creators to create, market, and sell online courses or membership sites.

How much does the Thinkific subscription cost?

Thinkific’s Basic plan costs $49 per month, the Start plan costs $99 per month, and Grow plan costs $199 per month.

Is there a free version of Thinkific?

Yes, they do have a free plan where you’re allowed to create 1 course. 

How do I get free access to Thinkific?

Simply, sign up and set up your account, and you are ready to create your first online course. 

Do you need credit card details to sign up for Thinkific?

No, you don’t need a credit card as long as you stick with their free plan.

Can I cancel my Thinkific account at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade, and cancel your account anytime you would like.

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Final Thoughts on Thinkific Free Trial 2024

If you’re looking for a professional education platform, Thinkific really is the best in the business.

It has all the tools you would need to create your online course and promote it effectively—not to mention it has one of the best free trial periods out there!

So, give it a try today to build your next course, and see how smoothly the whole process goes. The quality is top-notch, and the results could be even better.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Thinkific’s free trial offer, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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