10 Passion.io App Examples That Are Crushing It in 2023

Passion.io App Examples 2023


Passion.io is helping creators to create life-changing learning experiences that sell and make 4-fig monthly easily. Here, we’ve covered 10 successful apps created using Passion.io which could be a great source of motivation and inspiration for you.

Are you curious to learn about Passion.io app examples 2023? And, want to know if they are living up to the hype?

Well, this blog post is exclusively for you.

As we all know, creating your own app has never been easier than it is today. More and more new creators are opting for creating their own mobile apps and making huge money instead of building traditional online courses.

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So, if you’re also looking forward to giving your audience even more value by the mean of an amazing personal app, then you must check out Passion.io. 

It is one of the best platforms in the marketplace for creating top-notch apps that deliver.

In this post, we will introduce you to some incredibly cool Passion IO app examples for 2023 along with how much revenue they generate and much more.

So without much ado, let’s dive in.

10 Passion IO App Examples 2023: Life-changing Case Studies

passion io app examples
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App NameOwnerAnnual RevenueLink
Cirque PlusAllie Cooper$50k+Start Free Trial
Bakerlou MusicLouisa£21kStart Free Trial
Everything SpiritualCarrie and AndrewNAStart Free Trial
Hospitality ConciergeMandy MurryNAStart Free Trial
Habit CoachColin HilesNAStart Free Trial
ToogieTeresa BarceloNAStart Free Trial
Study The DrumsJay FenichelNAStart Free Trial
Fit in TwentyEllen Decker$30kStart Free Trial
Results EarnedTiffany Wilkerson$60kStart Free Trial
The PortalSavannah Bohlin$66kStart Free Trial

Now, we’re going to discuss the apps created using Passion IO platform in detail. So, keep reading and get inspiration to launch your own dream app.

1. Cirque Plus App by Allie Cooper

passion app cirque plus app allie cooper
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The first Passion.io app we are going to discuss is Cirque Plus.

This user-friendly and innovative app was created by a super-talented lady named Allie Cooper. 

She’s a specialist coach in the circus, aerial art, and aerial rope techniques. That sounds impressive, right?

Now here’s what I love about Cirque Plus. This app provides access to over 50 subscribers to a range of engaging features that can be easily accessed through iOS, Android, and Web platforms. 

When it comes to talking about the convenience of this app, it is quite excellent.

But wait, there’s more! 

What makes this app truly special is not just its exclusive offerings, it’s also the story behind its creation.

Allie managed to turn her passion into an online business successfully even though she was new to the world of online entrepreneurship. 

Allie had this unique strategy that worked like magic. Before creating her first program on Cirque Plus, she pre-sold it exclusively to founder members while utilizing the app’s drip-content feature for scheduling its release- creating anticipation among users.

The Cirque+ app gives customers access to quizzes and surveys that offer personalized recommendations based on their responses. 

You won’t believe how fun interactive workouts can be when you have step-by-step guidance from experts in circus arts.

As busy as life can get today, especially for moms with children like Allie, balancing family life while enjoying flexible work hours through recurring income streams becomes difficult. 

With CirquePlus’ innovative model providing seamless revenue generation – everything becomes easier for Allie without compromising life balance.

With over 500 downloads worldwide represented by mind-blowing reviews totaling 4.3 stars from satisfied clients, Allie’s journey showcases the power of passion plus innovation in building successful online businesses.

Cirque Plus App Stats

  • Subscribers: 50+
  • Pricing: $37 – $97 per month
  • PassionApps: iOS, Android, Web
  • Annual Revenue: $50k+

2. Bakerlou Music App by Louisa

passion app bakerlou music app louisa
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Bakerlou Music, this epic app offers personalized music tuition at the fingertips with weekly tips, tricks, and fresh content. 

Think of it as a mobile music teacher available 24/7! You can download the app on iOS, Android, or Web platforms, making it accessible to everyone.

Louisa is the mastermind behind this game-changing creation. She’s brought her A-game to the online music education space by delivering inspiring 6-week challenges through the app that cater to learners of all levels from newbies to pros. 

The challenges cover different aspects such as improvisation and learning cover versions so that you get a well-rounded experience.

And guess what? In just 30 days Louisa made £3k in revenue from scratch when she joined “The Expert Unleashed Challenge program”. 

It gave her all the skills and guidance she needed to successfully launch this awesome product!

And, to market her app like a pro, Louisa used targeted advertising techniques learned from Expert Freedom training which helped build her brand identity like lightning.

Louisa leverages quizzes and surveys within Facebook marketing campaigns providing data allowing for valuable customer follow-up both through email correspondence or future ads!

This revolutionary approach shows how passion along with strategic training & effective marketing techniques can lead aspiring entrepreneurs towards remarkable success in our digital age; following Louisa’s journey should motivate anyone looking for an opportunity to build thriving businesses in today’s world!

Bakerlou Music App Stats

  • Subscribers: 20 active
  • Pricing: £47.99 – £130
  • PassionApps: iOS, Android, Web
  • Annual Revenue: £21k

3. Everything Spiritual by Carrie and Andrew

passion app everything spiritual carrie andrew
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Let’s discuss the incredible story of Everything Spiritual and how their catchy app created using Passion IO platform have been a game-changer for all of us seekers out there. 

Just Imagine this, two rockstars named Carrie and Andrew, have conquered their own battles with addiction and emerged as beacons of hope and inspiration. 

These guys realized the power of practices like Reiki, sound healing, and meditation in their own journey to wellness. 

They couldn’t keep this magic to themselves. They opened up their very own meditation studio, offering a smorgasbord of spiritual tools and practices to help folks like you and me find that sweet balance, happiness, and success in our lives.

Their popularity skyrocketed like a rogue rocket on TikTok. Millions of peeps were absolutely stoked to soak up their wisdom. But, how could Carrie and Andrew keep up with this crazy demand? That’s when they needed an app!

Now, here’s where Passion.io entered. This awesome platform had affordable pricing options and a sleek design that helped perfectly with Carrie and Andrew’s vision.

With their own app, they were able to reach clients who can’t come to the meditation studio and enhance in-person offerings.

4. Hospitality Concierge App by Mandy Murry

passion app hospitality concierge mandy murry
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Let’s discuss the amazing rockstar, Mandy. She’s got this mind-blowing app called Hospitality Concierge that’s turning the game upside down for boutique hotels and cozy little bed-and-breakfasts. 

Mandy’s app is like a one-stop shop for everything a hotel owner needs to take their guest experience from ordinary to extraordinary. 

From fancy-schmancy marketing tricks to top-notch operations and sales support, this app has it all.

You see, Mandy knows the struggles that hotel owners face like the back of her hand. 

She’s been in the trenches, battling it out day in and day out, especially during this wild pandemic. 

She knows what it’s like to be bombarded by sketchy marketing companies and smooth-talking salespeople. 

But here’s the kicker, she wanted to provide a solution that actually works without leaving you broke and broken-hearted.

That’s why she developed her app with Passion.io software, armed with a roadmap that takes hotels from zero to hero. 

Mandy used this very roadmap to pump up revenue by a whopping $1 million in just one year. She’s on a mission to empower other hotel owners with her secret sauce.

Passion.io saw the fire in Mandy’s eyes and decided to team up with her. 

With their help, she can keep adding new features to her app, giving hotel owners all the tools they need to focus on creating a killer guest experience. 

Overall, Mandy Murry’s Hospitality Concierge app is revolutionizing the game for boutique hotels. With Passion.io by her side, she’s spreading her passion and know-how to hotel owners far and wide.

5. Habit Coach App by Colin Hiles

passion app habit coach app colin hiles
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Next, we are going to talk about the Habit Coach, a total game-changer in the world of executive coaching.

Colin Hiles is the founder of this app and he’s shaking things up for CFOs and CEOs all over the UK (and even further afield). 

Now, what sets Colin Hiles apart from the crowd? He chose the UlimatePLUS plan from Passion.io to create his Habit Coach app. With this, he’s always connected with his clients, 24/7. 

This app, combined with a support team that handles all the technical stuff, gives him a serious edge over other coaches out there.

But here’s where it gets really interesting: UlimatePLUS isn’t just convenient – it’s also mighty effective. This Habit Coach app includes a 30-day habit challenge and an “8 To Be Great” toolkit, designed specifically to help you make those new habits stick like glue. 

Hiles knows how to leverage cutting-edge technology and behavioral science to keep his clients on track and ahead of the curve.

Having his own branded app sets him apart from every other coach out there and brings some awesome recurring income. 

Alrighty then, I know what some of you might be thinking building an app sounds like hard work! But let me tell you something, according to Hiles himself, it’s totally worth it. 

Passion.io offers different pricing plans to suit your budget and they even provide comprehensive training to guide you through the process. So go on, invest in your own branded app, and watch your coaching business soar to new heights.

6. Toogie by Teresa Barcelo

passion app toogie teresa barcelo
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Let’s talk about this incredible woman named Teresa Barcelo. She’s an expert dancer and teacher who has created her own mobile app called Toogie to teach others about movement and help them explore their own individuality.

Now, this app does more than just show off some excellent dance moves. 

Toogie is all about creating a supportive environment where people can really get in touch with their bodies and develop better habits. It’s like having your own personal dance coach right at your fingertips!

Toogie knows what she’s talking about too. She’s been in the entertainment industry for decades and has developed a unique approach to movement that really resonates with people from all over the world. That’s why she wanted to make her teachings accessible to everyone by creating her app.

And here’s the thing – partnering up with Passion.io was the best. Their values aligned perfectly with Toogie’s vision of making a positive impact on the world. 

With the passion.io UltimatePLUS plan, Passion.io helped to take care of all the technical aspects so that Toogie could focus on spreading her message.

Passion.io made everything so much easier for Toogie! No more stress or worries with messages scattered everywhere – everything was in one place and easy to manage.

So, if you’ve got a dream as Toogie did, don’t be afraid to go after it, you never know where it might take you! 

7. Study The Drums App by Jay Fenichel

passion app study the drums jay fenichel
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Jay Fenichel had the desire to help more than 4,000 students level up their drumming skills. He struggled to get these students to practice consistently on their own. 

Now, imagine being in Jay’s shoes. He had this incredible wealth of knowledge and killer drumming techniques just waiting to be shared with the world. So what did he do? He decided to dive headfirst into building a website and online courses. As an expert drummer, he had no clue about the technical side of things – coding was Greek to him.

For years he battled with this daunting task, going through countless developers (and spending thousands of dollars in the process). Meanwhile, his competitors were sneaking up behind him and taking advantage of his brilliant marketing concepts while gaining trust from audiences left and right. Jay Fenichel didn’t let that stop him.

He shifted gears and made social media his new battleground instead of giving up. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube became his playground for sharing valuable content that resonated with aspiring drummers all over the world.

It wasn’t long before Jay Fenichel realized that a mobile app was the missing piece to take his brand to new heights. So, he chooses to enter Passion.io, an app-building platform.

Passion.io’s user-friendly features help create his own app. Finally, Jay launched his first course on the app. Over 100 applicants signed up, resulting in massive ticket sales and setting the stage for even more awesomeness to come.

But here’s what truly sets Passion.io apart – their team of rockstars who were by Jay’s side every step of the way. They provided unwavering support and assistance that proved to be worth its weight in gold. 

Plus, Passion.io’s community feature gave Jay’s students a place to connect, share their progress, and engage with each other like social media junkies.

Nowadays, Jay no longer has to rely on expensive website developers. Instead, he can channel his energy toward what he loves most. 

Teaching and creating top-notch educational content for drummers hungry for greatness. 

Passion.io’s drag-and-drop app builder gives creators like Jay Fenichel the power to take control of their brand and save precious time and hard-earned money.

8. Fit in Twenty App by Ellen Decker

passion app fit in twenty ellen decker
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Meet Ellen Decker, a model, personal trainer, and teacher. With more than 65k loyal followers on Instagram, Ellen has taken her passion for fitness to the next level with her own app called “Fit in Twenty.” it’s all about quick and effective workouts that’ll leave you sweating in just 20 minutes!

Her custom-branded app created by Passion.io software is a game-changer. It gives her full control of her brand and allows her to offer a personalized experience to all of her users. 

She fought back harder than ever! While her personal training income took a hit, she came up with an ingenious plan. She built herself a website, but more importantly, she created the ultimate app using Passion.io which became the foundation of her business growth.

Her app takes training to another level of awesomeness by giving step-by-step guidance through interactive exercises.

Fit in Twenty App Stats

  • Subscribers: 60
  • Pricing: $34.99 per month
  • PassionApps: iOS, Android, Web
  • Annual Revenue: $30k

9. Results Earned App by Tiffany Wilkerson

passion app results earned tiffany wilkerson
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Allow me to introduce you to Tiffany Wilkerson, who is raking in up to $800 a seat for her jaw-dropping 6-week challenges. 

The Results Earned method she designed, which helps people build strength, stay lean, and have their pizza too – no grueling hours at the gym required!

What sets Tiffany apart is her ability to create content once and sell it over and over again. Thanks to her custom app called “Results Earned” created using the Passion IO platform. She’s now reaching a global audience and earning money.

So how did Tiffany make it happen? Well, she started by providing step-by-step training with interactive exercises through her app. Her clients love it because it’s dead simple and gets straight to the point.

But, she also created 6-week challenges. These challenges are no joke – they’re priced at $400+ each! Once clients complete one challenge, they’re hungry for more and Tiffany happily upsells them to the next level.

In just 6 days, Tiffany had a staggering 40 clients sign up and brought in a whopping $16k! She also has recurring income on autopilot, earning $4,650 without lifting a finger.

Tiffany’s journey to success wasn’t easy, but she credits Passion.io for helping her every step of the way. She says that without their guidance, launching an app would’ve cost her an arm and a leg. 

But thanks to Passion.io streamlining the process, Tiffany has transformed both her business and her life.

If you’re ready to take your fitness empire to new heights like Tiffany did, well, hop on board because Passion.io is about to revolutionize your world!

Results Earned App Stats

  • Subscribers: 50+
  • Pricing: $80 per month, $400+ per 6-week challenge
  • PassionApps: iOS, Google, Web
  • Annual Revenue: $60k

10. The Portal App by Savannah Bohlin

passion app the portal savannah bohlin
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Get ready to meet the one and only Savannah Bohlin. She’s not just the editor-in-chief of Blissful Bohemian, but she’s also a certified personal trainer, holistic health guru, and even a model. 

She’s taken her passion for holistic health, sustainable fitness, and natural beauty to a whole new level with her own app called ‘The Portal’.

She created her very own custom-branded app in Passion.io. 

Savannah knows how to engage with her subscribers like no other. Each morning, she kicks off the day with interactive energy routines at 6 am sharp – talk about starting the day on a high note! At lunchtime, subscribers have access to a wide range of meditation tracks to choose from.

Savannah is live-streaming some must-watch classes every evening through her app called “The Portal” – a successful Android and iOS app built with Passion.io.

To keep her subscribers motivated and on track, Savannah sends push notifications. These messages remind them to tune in for live streams and meditation sessions while also tempting them with irresistible high-ticket personal coaching offers.

Savannah Bohlin provides an unforgettable user experience right at your fingertips. Her target audience is millennials who crave that mobile-first experience. 

With her own custom-branded app, she can sell globally through iOS and Google App stores with payment being as easy as a single click.

And you know what makes this success story even more impressive? Savannah didn’t achieve all of this overnight. She completed Passion’s expert training, which took her business to the next level. 

With the “Expert Freedom training” under her belt, she developed a killer marketing strategy, and now she’s driving that next-level growth like a boss.

So if you’re ready to take your holistic health and fitness journey to new heights, follow in Savannah’s footsteps and jump on board with Passion.io.

The Portal App Stats

  • Subscribers: 250
  • Pricing: $22.22 per month.
  • PassionApps: iOS, Android, Web
  • Annual Revenue: $66k

Why Choose Passion.io as Your App-building Platform in 2023

Passion.io is an amazing app builder that lets you create your own unique app using easy drag-and-drop templates which means no coding or designing skills are required!

Apps built with Passion.io are fully responsive and work like a dream on all devices like smartphones, tablets, or web browsers.

You can teach your students in various ways, and charge subscription fees, and offer different pricing plans. 

They make payments and payouts hassle-free and integrate with third-party apps seamlessly.

Here is a quick look at Passion.io’s benefits:

  • Coding skill is not required
  • Design skill is not needed
  • Passion apps are compatible with all devices
  • Provides a stress-free built-in payment gateway
  • Comes with order and subscriptions management
  • It has a variety of templates
  • It offers the on-demand and Live streaming options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

If you want to know more about Passion.io and how it works, read our Passion.io review here.


Have a quick look at the most commonly asked question about Passion.io that you may find helpful.

Will the Passion.io app work for me?

Passion.io spans a variety of use cases and niches and is used by over 7,500+ creators worldwide. Most importantly, they provide step-by-step training from day one to help you launch your app and grow your business. So, don’t worry, start building your own app and earn income.

How much can you earn using Passion.io?

It depends on several factors, including the type of content you offer based on your pricing strategy, and the size of your audience. But, keep one thing in mind: you should have a solid business plan and marketing strategy to maximize your earnings.

Do I need to write code to build an app with Passion.io?

Nope. You don’t need to know anything about coding. Passion.io is a drag-and-drop platform allowing you to create your own app and run your entire business without any technical hassle.

What are the pricing plans of Passion.io?

Passion.io offers three different pricing plans.

— Pro Plan – $97 per month
— Ultimate Plan – $297 per month.
— Ultimate Plus Plan – Contact Passion.io for pricing.

You can save up to $696/year with annual billing on the Ultimate plan of Passion.io. On top of that, you can take advantage of Passion.io Black Friday deal to save even more on your subscription.

It is important to choose the one that best fits your needs because each plan offers different features and benefits. To learn more, we would suggest you check out our detailed post on Passion.io pricing.

Nonetheless, you can grab Passion.io free trial that gives exclusive access to this platform for 14 days to see how this platform works and confirm if this is the right fit for you or not, risk-free.

What about the Passion IO lifetime deal?

Passion.io does not offer any LTD, so stop wasting your time searching for the Passion.io lifetime deal. Instead, we would suggest you explore our AppSumo deal post to find out other hottest lifetime deals to save huge on SaaS products.

What are some Passion.io alternatives?

There are several alternatives to Passion.io that you might want to consider. Some of the top alternatives include;

— Thinkific – It is almost Similar to Passion.io.
— LearnWorlds – Similar to Thinkific.
— Podia – It is best for selling courses and digital products specifically.
— Mighty Networks – It offers similar and wider features for coaches.

It is important to research and compare the features and pricing of each platform to find the one that best fits your needs. To know more do check out our comprehensive Passion.io alternatives post here.

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Final Thoughts on Passion IO App Examples 2023

Alright, let’s wrap up this blog about Passion.io app examples!

Passion.io is the real deal when it comes to turning your passion into an online money-making machine.

Seriously, they’ve got it all – excellent interface, killer features, and pricing plans that cater to all kinds of creators out there in 2023.

Throughout this mind-blowing blog post journey, we’ve dived into some jaw-dropping examples of how people just like you have taken their expertise and turned it into hard cash using Passion.io. 

We’re talking fitness gurus, language wizards, life coaches, and even artists. The proof is here – with determination and a strategic game plan powered by Passion.io’s tools, you can build an empire right from the comfort of your own home.

Passion.io is the ticket to making your dreams a reality in 2023 and beyond. If you are looking to share your passion with the world and make some serious dough while doing it, then it’s time to take action. 

Don’t wait around! Seize this opportunity, let your creativity run wild, and hop on the Passion.io train to success.

The future is yours for the taking. Get out there and make it happen!

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