Flywheel Growth Suite Review 2023: The Ultimate Solution For Growing Agencies and Freelancers

Do you run an agency and handle multiple clients? If yes then this post is exclusively for you. 

Gone are the days when using different software for each process was the only solution. 

These days, if you want to scale your agency and boost overall revenue, you need a smart platform that lets you manage all your clients and related activities in a centralized way.

Introducing Flywheel Growth Suite

This is the latest product release by Flywheel which is known for its client-focussed managed WordPress hosting. 

Growth Suite is a complete package that includes client management, WordPress managed hosting, billing, reporting, and a lot more, all working together to help you grow your agency.

So, in this post, I will review Flywheel’s newest product, Growth Suite so that you can understand how beneficial it could be for your business and why should you choose Growth Suite over standard hosting plans.

Let’s dive in!

flywheel growth suite review
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Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links added in this post are affiliate links which means I may earn some commission if you subscribe to any package using these links without any extra cost to you.

Flywheel Growth Suite Review 2023

Growth Suite is an all-in-one solution for your growing agency. It has got everything you need to scale your business starting from WordPress hosting (which you can resell), to client and site management, recurring billing, branded client reports, and more. 

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Now let’s explore each tool in detail to see how Growth Suite is an essential tool for freelancers and agencies.

1. Growth Dashboard

Growth Suite’s dashboard is the prime feature that makes it an ultimate platform for agencies. It shows cash flow insights (monthly recurring revenue, average revenue per client/mo) at your fingertips.

flywheel growth suite dashboard
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Moreover, you can quickly see the number of clients and sites. There’s also a cool widget that displays the payment status, which invoices are due, which have been paid, and which ones are upcoming.

2. Service Creation

This is the most important feature that will help you get paid for all your hard work. 

Simply, list out all the services you provide, make it recurring (if needed), choose the currencies you’d like to offer the services in, and create the individual service tiers as you wish. 

flywheel growth suite services
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Once the service and tiers details look good to you, click Create Service and let the money chase you!

3. Client Management

This feature shows all the clients you have along with the monthly revenue of any active subscriptions. Furthermore, you’re allowed to add new clients which can be done in few easy steps by providing company names and other basic info.

flywheel growth suite client management
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Quick Note: Adding a new client to Growth Suite won’t trigger any emails unless you create a subscription.

4. Client Subscription & billing

Once you’re done with building your client list, it’s time to create and send the invoices to your clients which is a three steps simple process.

  • Select the client
  • Set Billing frequency (one-time or recurring)
  • Invoice details (service, discounts, sales tax)
flywheel growth suite client invoice
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Finally, Submit the invoice to your client. As soon as you send the invoice, the respective client will receive an email to create an account in your client portal and acknowledge the invoice.

5. Client Portal

This is where you actually get paid. This portal allows your clients to view their invoices, ask for support, select a suitable payment method, and make payments for their subscriptions.

flywheel growth suite client portal
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6. White Labeling

Flywheel Growth Suite is a true While Label solution that makes possible every single mail sent to your clients and their portals are branded with your agency logo and colors.

Once you subscribe to a Growth Suite’s plan, you will be facilitated with a white-labeled domain.

flywheel growth suite white label
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7. Bulk Site Management

This is an informative dashboard that gives you a quick view of all the sites on your Growth Suite plan. From here you can easily check the Flywheel stats, plugin details, SSL status, and much more – all in one place! 

flywheel growth suite sites management
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8. Client Reports

In addition to all the features mentioned above, your clients will be receiving auto-generated agency-branded reports on a recurring basis. These reports have some important information such as usage stats, backup logs, even Google Analytics data (if the Google Analytics Add-on enabled) that your clients value the most.

flywheel growth suite reports
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Flywheel Growth Suite Pricing Plans

The primary focus of building this growth suite is to grow your business quickly and predictably. So whether you have 10 sites or 500, they have the package that works best for you!

Here are the complete details;

1. Freelance ($113/mo)

This is a great fit for freelancers who are dealing with a growing list of clients priced at $1350/year (Including 2 months free). Alternatively, you may also go with the monthly plan that will cost you $135/mo.

In this plan, you’re allowed to host 10 websites with 100,000 monthly visits, 20GB storage, and 200GB bandwidth limit.

2. Agency ($275/mo)

This is a powerful deal for your next-level businesses billed at $330/year.

Includes 2 months free!

It includes 30 websites, 400,000 monthly visits, 50GB storage, and 500GB bandwidth.

3. Custom 

This is the most advanced plan that you can customize depending on your team.

It facilitates 1.6M monthly visits, 120GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and is the best fit if you have a minimum of 100 sites.

Bonus: All Growth Suite Plans allow you to manage an unlimited number of clients even if their sites aren’t hosted on Flywheel!

Why Choose Flywheel?

Here are a few things that make Flywheel great…

1. Collaborate with teammates & contractors

At Flywheel, Collaboration with others to develop a site is super simple even you don’t need to share usernames and passwords!

2. Easily transfer billing to clients

Your clients shouldn’t have to navigate a nasty hosting website just to sign up and pay for their hosting. Transfer site ownership and they’ll receive an email with a link to a secure form.

3. Performance and security

Flywheel’s servers are specifically optimized for WordPress to make your site blazing fast. Furthermore, each site hosted on Flywheel has dedicated resources, thus it can handle even the most demanding needs.

Why Choose Flywheel Growth Suite?

1. The best of White Label

Growth Suite is built on the best of White Label. Due to which you’re not required to attach sites to invoices and leads to more visibility around currencies.

2. Growth Suite helps you grow

Their new revenue dashboard will help you coach how to grow more quickly. 

3. Growth Suite will continue to grow

As it is a suite, you will see it grow and evolve over time with additional features.

How to Get Started with Flywheel Growth Suite

Starting with Flywheel Growth Suite is as easy as signing up for a hosting plan. Here’s is a simple guide that will help you to get started with the Growth Suite.

Step 1: Visit this link that will navigate you to the Flywheel’s Growth Suite landing page which looks like this;

flywheel growth suite landing page
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Step 2: Click on the Get Started button and choose a Growth Suite Plan.

flywheel growth suite plans
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Step 3: Finally, check out by providing the following details;

  • Subscription details (name and data center)
  • Create your organization (name and email address)
  • Payment method (PayPal or credit card), and
  • Billing address
flywheel growth suite payment
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Once you’re done with the signup process, you will see the intuitive growth dashboard from where you can easily create WordPress sites, add new clients, and generate invoices. 


Here are some quick answers to the questions you may have related to the Flywheel Growth Suite.

Why should I buy Flywheel’s growth suite over other hosting plans?

Flywheel’s Growth Suite allows you to manage clients, resell hosting, recurring billing, and much more from one dashboard whereas WordPress hosting gives you all the necessary tools you need to create beautiful websites for you and your clients.

Why should I purchase Growth Suite over other billing software?

Purchasing billing software can be an extra overhead for your business. On the other hand, Growth Suite is included with billing, client management, and hosting all in one place. 

Furthermore, Growth Suite is designed to keep in mind freelancers and small agencies, thus facilitate your clients to make easy and secure payments. 

How much does Flywheel Growth Suite cost?

There are two standard plans you may choose from  — Freelance ($135/mo) and Agency ($330/mo). Moreover, you can also contact them for custom plans. 

Will you add more features to Growth Suite in the future?

Yes, you can expect additional features added to the Growth Suite (at no extra cost to you) over time that will further help you to grow and succeed.

Final Thoughts on Flywheel Growth Suite Review 2023

So that’s all from my side related to Flywheel’s Growth Suite.

Growth Suite is hands down the best solution for freelancers and agencies that allows you to keep track of your clients, set up invoicing, and visualize revenue insights, built on Flywheel’s trusted and reliable hosting platform.

The whole idea behind creating Growth Suite is to help you grow quickly and predictably through included features and tools. 

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Growth Suite right away and make a good impression on your clients while selling your services confidently!

If you still got any questions related to the Flywheel Growth Suite, do let me know in the comment section below. 

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